The meeting which is spontaneously organized by the interior Ministry and National Security affairs and Benadir Regional Administration to flourish the collaboration of peace missions in district areas of the capital Mogadishu.

Somali Interior Minister H.E Abdisamad Ma?alim Mohamud who briefed to the reporters after the meeting has called on the local Police commanders and Intelligence officers and their servicemen to actively redouble their efforts to conform to the instructions from the local District Commissioners so as to tighten their operations in their latest strain through out the region.

?Dc?s are respectively required to conform to the orders issued by the Governor as well as police officers shouldn?t turn a deaf ears and cooperate jointly with the District Commissioners in the locality? the interior minister added.

The Governor of Benadir Regional administration and Mayor of Mogadishu, H.E Mohamed Ahmed Nor, who on his part stated the inevitability and the exceedingly need of the Somali police forces to conduct their pursue in eyeing nightly through the support of their neighboring district commissioners.
?Mogadishu like other cities around the world has the right to witness police force on duty in the day night? the Governor said.

It?s the second meeting in two weeks to be held at Benadir Regional Administration Headquarter, which is attended by the largest member in of the regional Administration that includes the Governor, Deputies, General Secretary and the Spokesman of Benadir Regional Administration.

Mohamed Yusuf Osman, ?the Communication between the local District Commissioners and Security officers is an integral part to restore a reliable and more sustainable hope of peace and calm for the community in the province? Mohamed Yusuf added